I’m on the Board of Directors for Likha, a well-known and highly respected Pilipino Folk Arts Ensemble based in the Bay Area.

On October 20, Likha had its 15th anniversary show at the Cowell Theater in San Francisco. We weren’t able to attend the show because of the baby, but we were able to go to the pre-show reception. We also want to congratulate everyone in the company on a job well done!


The performers and staff are amazing at what they do. I’m really hoping that Max will take an interest in Filipino performing arts, and that we’ll be able to enroll him in either their dance or music classes when he’s older.

(And then he’ll attend UCLA and be in Samahang Pilipino’s Cultural Night as either the Singkil prince or the suitor who gets the girl in Paseo de Iloilo. And his daddy and I will sit in the audience, welling up with pride for our son with the mad dance skills…)

For more information about Likha, please visit them online at www.likha.org